Estimates, assessments and walk-throughs must be performed by a BPI certified, GoldStar contractor to qualify for the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program. Make sure you tell your contractor that you are interested in the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program.

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Primary Business: Licensed Energy star Plumber, Electrician, HVAC contractor.  Installation of High efficient heating and cooling systems, on demand hot water heaters, heat pumps, renewable energies (solar thermal and solar photovoltaic systems).

Completed Home Performance Projects Since 2010: 62

Cost of Energy Star Audit: $250 service call includes 1st hour of labor; additional labor is charged at a rate of $125/hr. Any customer mentioning Maplewood is Green website will have 1st time service call fee reduced to $125. If you do not qualify for the Program (because of either health and safety issues or the job would entail too much work to reach incentives), please call and we will work outside the program to give you what you want utilizing the NJwarmadvantage and NJcooladvantage rebates.

Acorn Home Improvements, Inc.

Primary Business: Energy Audits, Insulation, Siding, Windows, Roofing, Ventilation

Completed Home Performance Projects Since 2010: NA

Cost of Energy Star Audit: Free Mini Energy Audits (that don’t qualify for the HPwES Program) that include thermal imaging and an energy efficiency evaluation with a health & safety inspection as well. Cost of full HPwES audit is typically $250.00 & $375.00 for a full Audit with the blower door testing. However, homeowners are encouraged to start with the Free Mini-Audit. 10% discount to customers that mention Maplewood is Green website.

Air Group, LLC

Primary Business: HVAC

Completed Home Performance Projects Since 2010: 543

Cost of Energy Star Audit: A “pre-audit” is done first, to determine if the program will benefit the home. If a full audit is done, with a blower door test, our cost is $495.00, which is returned to the homeowner, if Air Group does an installation. The goal of this program is to tighten up your home, and provide higher efficiency, energy saving heating equipment.

Building Sciences, LLC

Primary Business: HVAC, Insulation

Completed Home Performance Projects Since 2010: 895

Cost of Energy Star Audit: NA

Ciel Power LLC

Primary Business: Home Energy Audit

Completed Home Performance Projects Since 2010: 357

Cost of Energy Star Audit: $99 regularly but reduced to $49 if you mention the “Essex Community Energy” website. Millburn Residents check out the special program Ciel is running in Millburn:

Green Energy Improvements

Primary Business: Energy Audits

Completed Home Performance Projects Since 2010: 278

Cost of Energy Star Audit: $175 for energy audit, and if you move forward with the energy efficiency improvements which we implement, we will credit the audit fee towards the work.

Green Living Solutions, LLC

Primary Business: Helping Customers Evaluate Most Cost-Effective Solutions for their Efficiency Issues, Sustainability Consulting, Home Energy Audits, Efficiency Improvements and Upgrades that meet and exceed Home Performance w/ Energy Star Standards.

Completed Home Performance Projects Since 2010: 284

Cost of Energy Star Audit: : A standard home (less than 3000 sq ft with one heating and cooling system) is $400, and we credit the FULL audit cost towards the improvements if the customer performs work with us.  Customers get a $50 discount on the audit fee if they mention “Maplewood is Green”.   If you have had a previous audit with another company, Green Living Solutions will give you a free estimate for price comparison.

Groundswell Contracting

Primary Business: In addition to the Home Performance with Energy Star Program participation, Groundswell Contracting is IICRC Certified Firm specializing in the appropriate implementation of green and energy efficient alternatives in property damage claim and rehabilitation situations.  Groundswell is experienced in working with Insurance Companies when making claims for repairs

Completed Home Performance Projects Since 2010: 9

Cost of Energy Star Audit: Energy snapshot audit is free to qualified customers, can advise on potential financial assistance. HPwES Audit is included in price of work for customers based on results of Energy Snapshot Audit.

Home Energy Diagnostics

Primary Business: Home Energy Audits & Efficiency Improvements, Oil to Gas Conversions and replacing aging boiler, furnaces and a/c equipment.

Completed Home Performance Projects Since 2010: 147

Cost of Energy Star Audit: $275-$375, Pre-screening of eligibility for Home Performance with ENERGY STAR. The audit includes a detailed report prioritizing improvements and includes estimated costs, and state rebate eligibility verification for the project. $50 discount to customers who mention the “Essex Community Energy” website.

Home Energy Matters, Inc

Primary Business: Home Energy Audits and Remediation Contracting including Air Sealing, Insulating and High Efficiency Heating, Cooling and Water Heating equipment.

Completed Home Performance Projects Since 2010: 594

Cost of Energy Star Audit: Depends on size of home:
Under 2,000 square feet – $199
2,000 to 3,500 square feet – $299
3,500 square foot or more – $350
For customers who tell us they found Home Energy Matters on the “Essex Community Energy” website, we will discount the audit fee by $75.

Quality Air Specialists, Inc

Primary Business: Heating & Cooling Systems

Completed Home Performance Projects Since 2010: 449

Cost of Energy Star Audit: $250

Ryan Inc.

Primary Business: Electrical, Plumbing, Heating, Cooling

Completed Home Performance Projects Since 2010: 222

Cost of Energy Star Audit: Free

US Energy Renovations, LLC

Primary Business: Energy Audits, Home Performance Contracting, Residential Energy Efficiency, Safety, and Comfort.

Completed Home Performance Projects Since 2010: 150

Cost of Energy Star Audit:  Full Energy Audit : $299
– Discount for mentioning Green Teams of Essex Community Energy website: -$50
– Audit fee is refunded with HPwES Project.
– For average single family home, please call for other housing types

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