Home Energy Diagnostics

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179 Glenridge Ave.
Montclair, NJ 07042
Completed Home Performance Projects Since 2010: NA
Phone: (973)680-1244
Email: info@njhomediagnostics.com
Website: www.njhomediagnostics.com
Serves: M/SO
Cost of Energy Star Audit: $275-$375, Pre-screening of eligibility for Home Performance with ENERGY STAR. The audit includes a detailed report prioritizing improvements and includes estimated costs, and state rebate eligibility verification for the project. $50 discount to customers who mention the Essex Community Energy website.
Primary Business: Home Energy Audits & Efficiency Improvements, Oil to Gas Conversions and replacing aging boiler, furnaces and A/C equipment.


  1. Unfortunately, we had a very unfortunate experience with Home Energy Diagnostics. A problem occurred during the work executed by one of their subcontractors, and although Tom and the subcontractor wished to help remedy the situation, Gail became increasingly hostile and unhelpful – and we haven’t been able to live in our house for several months. Can’t say I can recommend them 🙁

  2. We have a very good reputation for our quality of work and a high customer satisfaction level from our clients, one that we work very hard to earn and therefore we are compelled to respond to this negative review of our work.

    This was a very unique and unfortunate experience for a homeowner to suggest that respiratory problems were being caused by insulation that we installed in their home. Testing of dust in the home was done to determine what possible contaminants/irritants might in the environment but the results did not indicate that there was insulation in the living space, but rather dead skin cells, which would be standard household dust.

    We made numerous attempts we made to help resolve the situation in the home, even though we did not believe the issue were a result of our work, but we were not allowed to return to the home to do anything. Complaints were filed by this homeowner with the BBB and the BPI, who have determined that we met our contractual obligations, and that our handling of the unfortunate situation professional and satisfactory.

    Since the complaint mentions me in particular I would like to add that I certainly did not become hostile and unhelpful..I responded immediately to every request for information about the products we use, samples were given, every call and email was immediately responded to, from morning through midnight, even when the calls were about work that they were concerned about done by others.

  3. Home Energy Diagnostics did great work for us and we are so glad we hired them. It has been about a year and 1/2 since they completed work for us and we have seen a dramatic improvement in the cost of heating and cooling our house. Our heating bill alone would have justified the cost, as it it now tracking less than 1/2 of the cost prior to the work. Tom and Gail helped us every step of the way and our house is cozy in the winter rather than chilly and drafty. We’ve had lots of work done over the 23 years that we’ve been here and they were among the very best to work with. I wish we hired them sooner!

  4. Fantastic company, I am really glad I found these guys. They helped me audit my home energy needs, and then showed me how to get the state rebate to pay for most of it. So glad I did this, and it’s good for the environment too. Thanks guys!

  5. Many people in NJ may not know about the states Home Performance with Energy Star program incentives (rebates of up to $4,000 and 0% financing up to $10,000) to insulate your home.

    Home Energy Diagnostics, Tom and Gail provided great service, helped us navigate the state’s rebate process and made our drafty 100+ year old home a comfortable, warm and cozy place this fall and winter to come.

    Check them out at:



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