New! If you have an assessment, get more prices for free.

If you had a HPwES assessment done since 2014 with any of the approved contractors listed on this site, but did not have the work done, we have a great new option for you!

We took a survey of people who had assessment and did not go ahead with the project. The survey showed that people are uncomfortable committing with only one price estimate, but they did not want to pay for additional assessment.  We took this information to the contractors and together came up with a plan.  The contractors have agreed to use the assessment done by any qualified HPwES Contractor to give you an additional estimate.

This means without spending any more on assessment, you can get additional prices and feel comfortable that you are making the right decision for your home.

How does it work?

To get another price, contact a contractor from our list. Tell them you have an assessment and they will schedule an appointment to come out and assess your house.  You will need to have the paper copy of your HPwES assessment that you received at the conclusion of your original audit for the estimator to see when they come to do the assessment. Using the results of their assessment and the data from the HPwES audit you already have, they will give you a price for the work they recommend.

Once you get the additional price, you can make a decision.  If you decide to go with the original company that did your assessment, you are all set to go.  If you decide to go with another company based on the new price you received, they will need to do their own HPwES assessment, as the BPU requires that an audit be done by the company performing the work.  You will only be charged for this second audit if you don’t go ahead with the project.


How will this assessment differ from a full HPwES audit?
A full audit is time consuming and requires the use of a “blower door test” which takes several hours.  An assessment is a much shorter visit from the contractor in which they will take basic measurement and possibly use some infrared scanning to see the where heat loss is happening.

What if I agree to the new price and when the new contractor does their full HPwES audit they find new data that requires a change in the price they offered me?  
You will not be charged for the second audit.

What if I lost my assessment?
The contractor you had the original assessment with will be able to supply you with a new copy of the audit.

Is it possible that the two companies will recommend different work be done on the house?  
Yes, some of the contractors have different specialties which will effect their recommendations, for example, some contractors specialize in HVAC and others in insulation.  However, the eligibility for the HPwES Program is based on the Total Energy Savings regardless of the type of work done, so you will still be able to see how much energy savings to expect for each kind of work.

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